Water Temperature Monitoring - Minimise the risk of bacteria
Tue 23rd June 2020
Article · Tue 23rd June 2020

Water Temperature Monitoring - Minimise the risk of bacteria

Water temperature testing is a key component in water chemistry. By testing it, we can observe several things:

  • Metabolic rates of an organism
  • Dissolved oxygen levels
  • Rate of photosynthesis
  • Identification of potential bacteria such as Legionella

The water temperature change can be caused by natural phenomena such as outdoor weather, groundwater inputs of anthropogenically caused by the removal of streambank vegetation, discharge of cooling water, and more.

Water temperature monitoring is essential when we talk about public buildings such as hospitals or hotels where certain water temperatures can form a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.

Depending on your settings, the water temperature monitoring sensor can send you alerts for when the temperature reaches a certain dangerous point where bacteria like legionella can form.

Monitoring and maintaining the temperature at a certain level specified by the law can help prevent people from getting sick and potential lawsuits.

The Temperature Sensor can be installed in all types of buildings and water systems. It can help you monitor, log, and prevent many inconveniences.


Florin Mangu