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Remote Tech’s
Partner Program

Our total commitment to our partners means we focus every day on helping our partners. We don’t compete with you and are obsessed with helping you succeed.

The Remote Tech partner program makes it easier than ever for partners like you to grow your business with us. Working together, we can identify and create new opportunities to deliver digital services that strengthen your customer relationships.

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Why Partner with us?

The Remote Tech partner program gives you access to our complete set of technology solutions and business support to help you succeed.

Simple solutions

You need solutions that are simple to adopt, rather than trying to build hardware and software yourself.

We are helping to transform how water hygiene companies deliver customer services and grow their revenues.

Fast Inovation

Stay on top of new advances in technology without the need for costly and risky in-house development teams.

Instead, use our research and development expertise to help you stay ahead in your industry.

Profitable growth

You want new services to help you compete. And yet, you’re mindful of the need to scale your business profitably.

Our low-risk commercial model ensures our partners benefit from commercial terms that support growth.

Reinforce your brand

Your customer relationships are vital to growth, and keeping them with you is critical to future success.

Use your brand in our solutions to improve perception and help make customer renewals more sticky.

What you’ll receive as a Remote Tech Partner.

As a Remote Tech partner, you get access to a comprehensive range of support to help you build a profitable new revenue stream using remote services. Including

  • Attractive commercial terms to support profitable growth

  • Remote Tech Academy courses that develop your team’s capability

  • Remote Tech Partner Portal to make it easy to work together and support your customers.

  • Joint marketing support to promote your company’s brand in your industry.

and more.

We understand that you need more than hardware and software to truly transform your business and deliver digital services at scale. We know that our responsibility is to help you grow your business - powered by Remote Tech.

We choose our partners carefully and, after trialling many remote sensing options, we partnered with Remote Tech. Their services simply work, and at a great price that allows us to profitably grow our recurring revenues using remote monitoring. I am excited about their innovation roadmap too, which will further help to modernise our approach to Legionella compliance.

Michael Dean, Water Systems Manager

Northumbrian Water Ltd (Total Water Solutions)

Remote Tech
Partner Program Tiers

There are three tiers that reflect the different stages in a partner’s digital transformation journey. Start simple, then grow.

Certified Partner

Certified partners have all the capabilities required to deploy Remote Tech solutions to a high standard.

Premier Partner

Premier partners have used Remote Tech solutions to deliver digitally powered services to many customers.

Elite Partner

Elite partners are the most experienced and have extensively deployed Remote Tech’s solutions at scale.

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