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It’s time to transform how we monitor and control Legionella.

If you are a Legionella Control expert, partnering with Remote Tech is a great opportunity to grow your business, through the introduction of innovative digital services to support your customers.

Improve the frequency and quality of temperature monitoring for your customer’s sites, and use this information to control the compliance risks in their water system.

Imagine a world where geography no longer limits your company’s growth potential, and where your Legionella engineers focus on more interesting and profitable work.

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L8Log is a complete digital logbook for Legionella control.

Log manual activities, and capture remote temperature readings, to build a complete picture Legionella compliance. Custom reporting helps your operating processes to work efficiently.


We comply with the Legionnaires' disease guidance from ACOP L8 and HSG274


Remotely and accurately monitor multiple sites, 365 days a year

Timed and Triggered

Temperature readings are taken on a timer and when abdormal temperatures are detected

Risk Management

Manage the level of risk for your buildings from our tailored Web and Mobile Application

Reduce your Carbon Emissions

Improved efficiency of your staff reduces your carbon output

Access Free Audits

Preform your site audits from anywhere in the world with our state of the art cloud solution


Legionella Control Equipment

We provide the real-time status of your remote assets. No longer will you or your employees need to manually check assets, which means reduced costs, increased efficiency, and improved safety.


Temperature Sensor

This is a device at the end of our network, which are equipped with a sensor to collect data. They comes in the form of low power microcontroller that can be deployed for years without any requirement for maintenance, and sends data packets to the Gateways.

  • IP67 Rating

  • High Accuracy ±0.5°C

  • Small size

  • Secure Locking Mechanism

  • 3 minutes installation

  • 10 Year Battery Life



Gateways are radio modules that serve as communication devices within a network between end-devices and a network server. A gateway is used to transmit sensor data from sensors and actuators to the cloud, for use in L8log.

  • IP65 Rating

  • 12h Battery Backup

  • 8 Channels

  • Up to 1000 Sensors

  • Security by Desgin

  • Range Up to 22km Line of Sight

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