IoT Solutions to important industry challenges.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next stage of digital transformation.

We partner with forward-thinking companies; helping them to use IoT technology to solve the important problems they face in their industry.

Do you want to explore how IoT solutions can help to deliver memorable customer experiences and help your business to stay ahead of the competition?


Industry solutions - powered by Remote Tech.

We simplify the many elements of an IoT ecosystem, to build functional and easy-to-use solutions that enable you to make better decisions and take control of your operating performance. We handle the hardware, software, data flows, big data, machine learning and infrastructure. You get a simple solution to run your business better.


We are

100% focused

on our partner’s success

We know that delivering disruptive services and memorable customer experiences, requires more than technology alone. That’s why we don’t sell our solutions directly to end-users. Instead, we work with selected companies in target industries to ensure our solutions make the greatest impact.

Our partners bring their industry expertise and amazing customer relationships, we provide simple technology solutions that enable you build a profitable business. Working together means your customers benefit from high-performing and innovative services.

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What do our partners say about working with us?

We choose our partners carefully and, after trialling many remote sensing options, we partnered with Remote Tech. Their services simply work, and at a great price that allows us to profitably grow our recurring revenues using remote monitoring. I am excited about their innovation roadmap too, which will further help to modernise our approach to Legionella compliance.

Michael Dean, Water Systems Manager

Northumbrian Water Ltd (Total Water Solutions)

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