We connect the things that matter to you. Using years of research, we created the best ecosystem for the Internet of Things.

Our Mission

Innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Using analytics, asking bold questions, and proactively seeking to solve problems before an event takes place, we come up with efficient ways of saving time, saving money, and most importantly, saving lives.

The Service

Developing an ecosystem

Remote Tech provides revolutionary technologies through years of ground breaking Research and Development. The L8log Ecosystem has been developed to take the stress out of managing any water systems with reports, logs and detailed information all available at the click of a button.

Monitor Your Buildings Anywhere

View daily, weekly, monthly temperature and stagnation reports on any device, anywhere.

Real-Time Readings of Any Building

Live updates that gives you your very own building performance indicator.

Cost Effective, Carbon Footprint Free

A cost-effective solution; eco-friendly for a cleaner, safer environment.

The IoT Ecosystem

The product line

The L8log Ecosystem consist of three main components working together with perfect synergy.

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Thanks to its advanced new features, the S1 takes accuracy and longevity to the next level.

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A powerful gateway that collects vital data from connected devices such as the S1 sensor to the digital world.

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L8log Platfom

Our legionella monitoring ecosystem. It’s the only designed-for-purpose option out there.

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The Process

Using the L8log Ecosystem is as easy as 1...2...3!

In fact if you don't belive us check it out by clicking the button below.

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Support for all

L8log is built with
you in mind.

L8log has huge strength in benefitting all walks of building management and maintenance from outsourced experts to the main financial decision makers.

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“Remote Tech were amazing. They understood the issues with conventional monitoring and how best to resolve it. Their enthusiasm and professionalism has been refreshing.”

Aaron Wallace

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