Legionella Prevention With Temperature Monitoring
Mon 13th April 2020
Article · Mon 13th April 2020

Legionella Prevention With Temperature Monitoring

The first-ever Legionella outbreak with over 200 victims was in Philadelphia - United States in the year 1976. Throughout history, scientists have discovered over 50 species of Legionella bacteria.

In the UK the first outbreak took place at the Staffordshire Hospital in the year 1985 with 100 cases of which 28 died.

Following multiple outbreaks, managing the risk of legionella has fallen under HSG274 and COSHH.

How can we prevent legionella?

Legionnaire's disease is formed from an infection by a bacteria found in water. Several systems like cooling towers, showers, air conditioning are cataloged as high risk when it comes to Legionella.

Because Legionella is formed in the water at temperatures of 20°C – 45°C, ensuring that temperatures always stay to the following levels:

  • 60°C above for hot water
  • 20°C below for cold water

Manual monitoring it's time and money consuming if you have businesses with lots of high risks systems.

A more advanced solution is installing a water temperature monitoring sensor that can report live readings of the temperature of each water system.

Our Temperature Sensor has a battery lifetime of 10 Years, a transmitting range of 22KM and you can get your readings right from your office or even phone.

It's also advisable to conduct a legionella sample testing from your water systems once every 2 years just to make sure everything is fine.


Florin Mangu