S1 Temperature Sensor

The most evolved temperature sensor yet. Thanks to its advanced new features and enhancements, the S1 takes accuracy and longevity to the next level.

Powerful temperature triggered parameters, battery-preserving design, and smart live deep-sleep mode, making it smarter and more efficient than ever. It’s robust, with an IP67 case – meaning it’s waterproof and weatherproof – and can transmit up to 22km.

We are using L8Log as a remote water temperature monitor where you can find all your data from our water temperature sensor.

S1 Sensor


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The S1 smart sensor far exceeds monthly compliance monitoring from one reading per month to real time readings, ensuring all your water systems are monitored 24 hours a day.

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Our digital, over-the-air S1 sensor, with 1% accuracy and live deep sleep mode makes our sensor the worlds first accurate and intelligent sensing device.

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Low battery consumption design allows our battery to serve for excess of 10 years.

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The transmitting data range from the Sensor to the Gateway is approximately 22km line of sight.

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The robust casing and advanced technology gives our S1 sensor a temperature range of -40ºC to 125ºC

Remote Tech Water Temperature Sensor Product Guide

What is a water temperature sensor?

Simply put, water temperature sensors like the S1 Wireless Water temperature sensor allows for water chemistry to be at optimal levels by testing metabolic rates of organisms, dissolved oxygen levels, rate of photosynthesis, and identification of potential bacteria like Legionella.

In the past, monitoring these shifting irregularities required someone to manually track saturation levels creating an opening for human error to occur and potentially lead to sickness or lawsuits. Today, a number of water temperature sensors have modernized by upgrading to WiFi-integrated systems that are better equipped to automatically check for changes in water chemistry in an instant. Water temperature testing can make or break water management systems–whether at home or at work..

With so many sensors on the market, knowing what separates top of the line models from those that barely outlive their warranty–especially when it comes to managing the water of public buildings like hospitals and hotels–is imperative. So, what goes into making a tech-savvy water temperature sensor that does just that?

Accurate Monitoring Starts With the Sensor

When it comes to monitoring water chemistry, your water temperature sensor is only as good as the actual sensor built into the hardware. In recent years, sensor technology has become more accessible allowing for innovation to happen in ways that might not be apparent at a first glance.

The S1 smart sensor brings such innovation to the forefront of its operation by exceeding monthly compliance monitoring. Instead, the S1 wireless water temperature sensor provides 24-hours of continuous monitoring thanks to its digital, over-the-air technology and deep sleep mode. This enhances the sensors accuracy and intelligence making it the first of its kind in the world. This change from manual monitoring to round the clock automated monitoring not only saves you time but money.

Battery Life You Can Rely On

We’ve all been there. You’re grabbing the remote to turn on the television but as you mash your thumb on the power button nothing happens. You’re out of battery life. A quick changing out of batteries easily solves the problem sending you on your way to entertainment bliss. Now imagine that it’s not a television remote but the battery to your businesses’ water temperature sensor that has been drained.

The time between the battery dying and your discovery of its failure means unchecked minutes where the water chemistry could be thrown out of balance. The S1 wireless water temperature sensor gets rid of the potential for a downed water management system with its powerful battery-preserving design that focuses on low consumption allowing the battery to last for upwards of 10 years. This longevity ensures that not a moment of testing will be missed until you’re ready to upgrade your system years down the road.

Transmitting Range Distance

While it might seem antiquated to manually monitor your water system by taking in-person readings, a great deal of businesses and other organizations still operate this way relying on outdated systems that seem more at home in the Industrial Revolution rather than in the age of technology.

As businesses look at upgrading their previous outdated systems, the demand for an increased transmitting range and wireless monitoring rank high on the list of must-haves. The S1 wireless water temperature sensor does just that by offering a transmitting data range from the Sensor to the Gateway with an approximate line of sight reaching 22km.

This, coupled with the integration of the L8log platform, are purposefully designed to give you the power to monitor your system’s water chemistry from near or far. These technological upgrades allow for the water temperature sensor to function alongside mobile and desktop devices giving you instant and reliable readings so you can make necessary changes and keep people safe faster.

Reliable Operating Temperature

The durable casing and advanced technology also equip the S1 water temperature sensor with an operating temperature range of between -40°C to 125°C giving it the unparalleled ability to withstand extreme conditions.

As we look to the future of water system maintenance and ensuring the water chemistry in public buildings is safe for all those who enter, nothing compares to a water temperature sensor that’s reliable, long-lasting, and exceeds monthly compliance monitoring by providing real-time readings. Water temperature sensors like the S1 do just that, giving you peace of mind knowing that guests, patrons, and customers will be safe from illness.

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