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We've made the installation of the L8log Ecosystem super easy

We’ll survey the site, or sites, that require monitoring and identify the areas where the S1 sensors would be located and optimal performance positions for the G1 gateway. After that, it’s as simple as 1... 2... 3...



The S1 temperature sensors are installed around your water system sentinels and representative outlets based on the systems schematics.

The sensor detects temperature abnormalities and sends this information to L8log via one of the G1 gateways communication channels.



Two techniques of detecting methods are used to monitor abnormalities within a water system, using time and temperature differentials that far surpasses HSG 274 guidelines.



The L8log Ecosystem sends you accurate readings from the remote temperature monitoring, automatically generating risk assessments, tank inspection reports, remedial action reports, sampling records, shower head descaling application, flushing regime logs & TMV maintenance.

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