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G1 Gateway

The G1 is a powerful gateway that sends vital data from connected devices such as the S1 sensor to the digital world.

Always online technology with five way connectivity (WiFi, BLE, cellular LTE-CAT M1/NB1, LoRa and Sigfox) so the data message always gets through. And intelligent innovations like theft alerts and battery backup, means you have ultimate peace of mind.

G1 Gateway


Back-up Battery life


Uptime, guaranteed

0.0V - 0.0V

Ultra low power consumption

G1 Gateway Hardware Illustration

We have lots of experience
building IoT Sensors.

With LoRa, WIFI, Bluetooth, Sigfox & LTE the G1 gateway is the control centre on site that never drops its connectivity. The G1 is the communication link between the S1 sensors and the L8log Ecosystem.

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The power of the G1 Gateway can support up to 100 S1 sensors

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The G1 has an impressive IP67 rating

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We managed to pack so much into our G1 and it’s still only 73x73x34mm!

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The G1 is super efficient and designed to be setup in seconds.

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