Are you a Financial Decision Maker?

No up-front investment.

Substantial monthly savings. Freedom from the fear of fines. Lower OpEx spend on management and maintenance. L8log is a financial no-brainer. Best of all, it’s a lifesaver too, delivering the highest safety standards yet seen in legionella monitoring.

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Saves time and gives hours back

Once monitoring is set up, management is instant, easy and remote, and reduces disruption to the organisation as a whole.

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Gets rid of a hated job

Repetitive, boring task that takes time and large amounts energy is now gone.

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Frees up staff

They can get on with other work.

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Gives an instant overview

Human-friendly dashboard means day-to-day management doesn’t need to be managed by experts. It’s really fast and simple to learn for everyone, including less IT and data-literate staff.

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Works on smartphones, tablets and computers

Great if they have to juggle jobs and priorities on the go.

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Alerts anywhere, any time

Intelligent tech means the sensors ‘talk’ to the dashboard, which alerts to suit your people, so fewer call-outs and site visits required.

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Peace of mind

Compliance is covered with a really effective solution that provides reassurance that there will be no fines down the line.

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Less admin and ongoing management

Lightening the load and freeing up staff for more productive tasks.

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Completely bespoke system and support package

We’ll work with you and your team to deliver a cost effective solution to suit requirements, from single sites to huge, complex organisations.

Built with you in mind.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives.

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