Are you a Compliance Professional?

Wish there was a safer, simpler way to meet your legionella monitoring requirements?

Now there is: the L8log ecosystem. This innovative system far exceeds legal guidelines, and has the potential to save lives. What’s more, it also saves time and money, delivering a win:win for everyone.

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Exceptional monitoring efficiency

The only remote monitoring system to offer real-time reporting. If there’s an incident, you will know.

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Saves time

Once monitoring is set up, management is instant, 24/7 and remote.

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Saves money

More results with less spend, thanks to innovative technology.

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Peace of mind

Know that compliance is covered with a really effective solution that provides reassurance for you, your management and your reports.

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Alerts anywhere, any time

This innovative technology can be configured to suit your requirements, and gives alerts on compliance and non-compliance events.

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Proactive suggestions

The system supports you and saves time, flagging areas for attention and making practical suggestions.

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Alerts by email or text

For a faster response and the ability to tackle problems before they become serious.

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Gives an instant overview

Human-friendly dashboard means day-to-day management can be delegated safely and easily.

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Less admin and ongoing management

No manual files to check or reports to analyse, the system does it all for you.

Built with you in mind.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives.

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